5 Tips To Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life

woman cums hard

Some men argue that you should make a women cum every single time you have sex.

Other men don’t care.

If you’re into one-night stands or short-term relationships, then yeah, giving a woman orgasms is irrelevant.

If you don’t plan on seeing her again, or keeping her around, then who cares if she cums?

I’m not a fan of quick flings, though.

My goal is to build relationships and maintain my harem.

So I think of female orgasms as a valuable relationship management tool.

If you plan on dating multiple women, then you must consistently make them orgasm hard.

And if you’re a man who’s into monogamy?

Well, you’ll still need to keep your woman sexually satisfied.

Whether you date one or many – make women cum and they’re more likely to be loyal to you.

So, she should cum damn near every single time you fuck her.

Preferably multiple orgasms per session.

You should be hearing things like this from the women you sleep with:

  • That was hardest I’ve ever cum in my life”
  • “That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had”
  • “You make me cum so fast”

Ready to bang her like a porn star? Here’s how to make it happen…

1) Choke Her

Choke women while you fuck them. This is a pure dominance move – and many love it. Strong hands are vital, but avoid crushing her windpipe. Learn to find the two main arteries in her throat, and reduce the blood flow to her brain. Your goal is to enhance her pleasure, not hurt her permanently. If you’re into it, you can both choke each other at the same time during sex.

2) Slap Her

Some women love getting hit. But some hate it. The ones who enjoy it seem to really get into it. To me, slapping goes hand in hand with choking. You’ll have to communicate a bit with your women to see if she wants it. If she does? Then don’t be afraid to slap her around a bit. I like to slap her ass and face – facial slaps seem to be better orgasm triggers. A well timed slap or series of slaps can bring a woman who’s teetering on the edge right over the brink.

3) Eye Contact

Forcing her to look you in the eyes when she cums. Many women tend to arch their backs and look backwards and away when they cum. Some close their eyes. Correct this. Grab her by the back of the head while she’s cumming. Force her to look at you. Say “look at me” and get your face as close as possible to hers. Maintain eye contact for the duration her orgasm. This is important for establishing dominance and cementing your bond (if that’s your goal).

4) Eye Contact & Choke Combo

A combination move. Make her to look you in the eyes while she cums, and choke her at the same time. Use your weaker hand to grab the back of her head/hair. Force her to look at you while using your strong hand to choke her. This move works better if you’re standing up on the edge of the bed fucking her missionary style. Or use it during regular missionary or doggy style.

5) Words

You can talk a woman into orgasm. More specifically, you can bring a women right on the edge of orgasm to climax, by using the right words. I’ve found that women who are very attracted to you absolutely love the idea of having you cum inside them. She craves your semen. Just whisper into her ear…how you’d like to explode up inside her and pump every last drop of your hot cum into her tight little pussy. Use explicit words – the more descriptive the better. Try it when she’s close to orgasm; watch how long she lasts. Of course don’t actually cum inside her unless you have on a condom, or are trying to make a baby.

In conclusion, making your women cum should be a priority if you place any value on relationships.

Add these tips to your repertoire and see how they work for you.

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  • QM

    I have tried these and it is true they love them all. Slapping the face is a touchy one though.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Yeah, I’ll talk with them about it first (usually) before I haul off and slap them. ;)

  • QM

    Haha yea man that is the touchiest one. Just remember… love taps not slaps….

  • Dave

    I cant wait to try this on a cute girl… It all sounds good but I really like the idea of forcing her to maintain eye contact throughout her orgasm. And I want to try choking her when she is close to her orgasm. That is sooo HOTT! If you have experience doing that please let me know. I want to hear all about it.

  • Frou-Zen Waters

    The 3rd one works perfectly. Looking at his sexy, seductive eyes just make me climax quicker. There’s no need for slapping and all that violent crap. I orgasm when it’s good old eye contact (and he doesn’t have to be looking – I can do that all myself).

  • Wald

    Recently I’ve been telling my girl “Cum for me” while I’m railing her and getting her close. It seems that using those words gets her the rest of the way.

    Worked on two girls so far in addition to the things I normally do.


  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Yah, words can work well. Not alone, obviously. But a good addition to the repertoire…

  • Wald

    From my memory of reading your book, I’m starting to think my girlfriend is in the “cums easily” category. I’m gonna have to give it a second read.


  • Ella

    I’m a woman and I have to tell you that some of what I read here makes me laugh, and if my boyfriend did *some* of this behavior, I would leave him, hands down, no anger, no discussion, just “bye.”

    Okay,,, that being said, you’re right. Shit. It’s super important for a man to display dominance in the bedroom, at least sometimes. I admit, you have some very hot ideas… and hey, if it works, it works. SO…I obviously clicked on this site for a reason. Here’s my question: As a woman, how can I get my man to be more dominant in the bedroom? Any thoughts? Outside of the bedroom, he is very masculine, and actually a little more controlling than most men I’ve been with.

    He sometimes does little things that lead me to believe he would like to dominate me, sexually. Example… he asks me whether I’ve seen movies that feature very dominant males, erotic or not. (I’ve offered to watch those.) He also says things like ‘I’ll spank your little ass’, or he will put his hand on my throat and push me back on the bed playfully and then move away, laugh and change the subject. Am I reading him wrong? This is a guy who was raised by a very domineering woman, so maybe that plays a part?

    When it comes to sex, it’s all very quiet and respectful, not bad, but definitely lacking. I really like this man outside of the bedroom. I could really fall for him, BUT… I really crave for him to take charge. Not to do anything cruel, just to demand sex *now*, or tell me he wants his dick sucked, or just grab my hair and push my head to his crotch. I would be thrilled. Once I suggested that he could just tell me sometimes that he’s horny and wants to cum. He said, it would be ‘disrespectful.’ I have tried asking him if he has any fantasies. AND, I’ve tried offering to talk about mine first… He totally shuts down, and acts borderline pissed off. It’s the only time he sucks at saying what’s on his mind.

    I have pretty mixed feelings about asking you for advice. You kind of sound like a jerk, (sorry, just being honest) …but damn. You’re actually right on with some of this bullshit. Honestly, when my man is not around, I do find myself checking out other men and thinking “maybe *that* guy could satisfy this very primal feeling I’m having?” Maybe, he just doesn’t want to take charge? Anyway, advice is appreciated.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Yeah. I am a jerk LOL.

    And yes I am right about all of this, that’s why I wrote it. ;)

    You’re not the first girl to ask me about how to get their man to to be more dominant in the bedroom – it’s the most common question I get from females who read this blog.

    That’s a tough issue, because leading from the bottom doesn’t really work.

    Your best bet is to find a man that is already dominant, without needing to be asked.

    But if you really want him to change – just straight up talk to him about it. In private, with no pressure. Tell him very clearly what you want from him. Be sweet about it. Present it as a problem that he can “fix” and appeal to his desire to protect you and make you happy. Don’t assume he can read your mind or knows what your thinking – he can’t. Then he’ll either make changes, or he won’t and then you go from there.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Some like slapping, some don’t. Depends on the girl I suppose.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Yes, they do. ;)

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Yes, eye contact is easy but powerful…

    I write more about choking here:


  • Isadora

    Haha Ella! I feel exactly the same!

    I love Halfbreed’s views on the sex-part, and I love men taking charge in the bedroom, demanding what they want.

    I shift between laughing, being insulted and then turned on. Funny coctail.

    I’m (Northern) European and I don’t recognize some of the characteristics he brings forth regarding women – I assume his experiences are mainly based on American women who I am not very familiar with.

    That being said I am mostly familiar with European men – I think they have relaxed views on how to tackle women. They are gentlemen with great sense of humor outside of the bedroom and can be some real badasses in bed. A combination that I love and appreciate very much.

  • SlickyBoy

    Make a link to that article appear in his inbox – maybe he’ll read it and learn. Otherwise you’ll have to call in a pinch hitter, which I suspect you’ve already done once or twice… you’re an affair, just waiting to happen.

  • Ella

    Just want to say thank you.

    I talked to my guy this weekend. It went surprisingly well. I waited until we were relaxing together, and per your advice, approached it in a very sweet way. I basically said I’ve been feeling that (maybe) he’s holding back sometimes… that he’s being “careful” about sex with me. I said that I just wanted him to know that there is no pressure, but FYI, while the tender thing is sweet and can be really sexy too – he doesn’t need to always be so careful with me. I told him how incredibly attractive, and sexy I find him, and how horny I get thinking about him (all completely true). Then, I told him that I trust him, so if he wants to just “take over” sometimes, experiment, or even play a bit rough, he should feel free to just go for it. I said, “please be yourself with me and don’t hold back.” Guess what? We had a very cool conversation. He asked me to be more specific about what I might enjoy. He calmly asked about a few specific things that he’s thought about. He seemed happy and intrigued that I brought it up. The convo couldn’t have gone better.

    Later, that night, we had the best sex EVER. And yes, he took control, and yes, I feel glorious. He seemed very happy and satisfied also. :-) So, for your frustrated female readers, I can attest that talking to your man tactfully, and honestly can be completely worth it, with the right guy.

    Slickyboy, actually, I have not cheated on him, and I probably wouldn’t have – but we may have broken up. Sexual compatibility is important to both of us. But yeah, I was pretty frustrated, thus, my appearance on this blog.

    Isadora… couldn’t have said it better. Here’s to nice guys who are “badasses in bed”. ;-)

    American men seriously do need to tune out the PC crap that they’re being fed and celebrate their manliness.

    Still not agreeing with *everything* written here, but there’s definitely more than a little truth being said. Maybe “jerk” was a strong word. By the way, I particularly enjoyed the writings on being an introvert man. My guy is definitely an introvert, and I appreciate the fresh insight a lot.
    Thank you again for your thoughts.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Hey no problem, glad to help.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    LOL great comment.

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Thanks :)

  • SlickyBoy

    Yeah, don’t they all. Women think one thing, say another, then do something else completely.

  • SlickyBoy

    You realize things like parking lot smoothies for a co-worker still counts as cheating, right?

  • http://redpillgame.com/ Halfbreed

    Haha yeah.

    Nice post on ROK this week my friend, enjoyed that.