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5 Tips To Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life

Sexy by Applegurl

Sexy by Applegurl

There is debate about whether giving a woman orgasms matters. Some men argue that you should make her cum every single time you fuck. Other men don’t care. I agree that if you are a one-night stand (ONS) or short-term relationship guy then giving a woman an orgasm is irrelevant. If you don’t plan on ever seeing her again or keeping her around then who give a shit if she cums or not?

I’m not a big fan of the ONS. My goal is to build and maintain my harem. I think of female orgasms as a valuable piece of my harem management tool kit. If you plan on running a harem properly then you must make your women orgasm hard. She should cum damn near every single time you fuck her, preferably multiple orgasms per session.

You should be hearing things like this consistently from the women you sleep with:

  • “That was hardest I’ve ever cum in my life”
  • “That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had”
  • “You make me cum so fast”

Here are five ways to give a woman the best orgasm(s) of her life. 

1) Choke Her

Choke women while you fuck them. This is a dominance move. Avoid the windpipe. Learn to find the two main arteries in her throat. Your goal is to reduce the blood flow to her brain in order to enhance her pleasure not crush her windpipe. If you’re into it you can choke each other at the same time while you fuck.

2) Slap Her

Some women love it. Some hate it. But the ones who love it seem to really get into it. To me slapping goes hand in hand with choking. You’ll have to communicate a bit with your women to see if she is into it first. But if she is then don’t be afraid to slap her around in bed a bit. I like to slap ass and face, although the facial slaps seem to be better orgasm triggers. A well timed slap or series of slaps can bring a woman on the edge right over.

3) Eye Contact

Forcing her to look you in the eyes when she cums. This is important. In the missionary position many women tend to arch their backs and look backwards and away when they cum. Some close their eyes. Correct this. Grab her by the back of the head while she is cumming and force her to look at you. Say “look at me” and get your face as close as possible to hers. Maintain eye contact for the duration her orgasm. This is important for establishing dominance and cementing your bond (if this is your goal).

4) Eye Contact & Choke Combo

A combination move. Make her to look you in the eyes while she cums while you choke her at the same time. Use your weak hand to grab the back of her head/hair to force her to look at you and use your strong hand to choke her throat. This move works better if you are standing up on the edge of the bed fucking her missionary style. You can use it in regular missionary as well as doggy style.

5) Words

You can talk a woman into orgasm. More specifically, you can bring a women right on the edge of orgasm over the edge by using the right words. I’ve found that a woman who is attracted to you absolutely loves the idea of having you cum inside her. She craves it. Just whisper how you’d like to explode inside her and pump every last drop of your hot cum up inside her tight little pussy. Use descriptive, explicit words. The more descriptive the better. Try it when she’s close to orgasm and watch how long she lasts. Of course don’t actually cum inside her unless you have on a condom.

If your goal is harem management or (God-forbid) monogamy then making your women cum should be a priority. Add these five tips to your repertoire and see how they work for you.


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  • QM

    I have tried these and it is true they love them all. Slapping the face is a touchy one though.

  • Halfbreed

    Yeah, I’ll talk with them about it first (usually) before I haul off and slap them. ;)

  • QM

    Haha yea man that is the touchiest one. Just remember… love taps not slaps….

  • Dave

    I cant wait to try this on a cute girl… It all sounds good but I really like the idea of forcing her to maintain eye contact throughout her orgasm. And I want to try choking her when she is close to her orgasm. That is sooo HOTT! If you have experience doing that please let me know. I want to hear all about it.