Banging A 20-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl On The 1st Date

I found Gabriela on OKCupid about three months ago. I sent her a copy pasta macro message, courtesy of Delicious Tacos. She answered fast and of course I asked her out just as quickly.

She was interested, but said no. That’s because she was pipelining. Meaning, she didn’t even live in Austin yet. She’d be attending college here in the fall, but for now, she still lived with her parents in Houston. She was just scoping things out on online. Seeing what kind of men would be available.

I’ve never done well with female pipeliners. They’re mostly time-wasters. So I stopped messaging her, didn’t bother asking for her phone number. I deleted our emails and forgot all about her.

Then she popped up on my OKCupid search again one Saturday morning about two weeks ago. I didn’t remember our prior exchange so I sent her the exact same macro message. Again, she replied right away. She remembered that we’d chatted briefly months earlier. That was a good sign, and now I vaguely recalled our first talk, since she’d jogged my memory.

Luckily for me, she just so happened to be in town today for new student orientation. So I asked her out again. She gave me her number and I texted her later:

RPG: hey is mario from okc how are you

Gabriela: I’m good how are u

RPG: doing well. what are you up to

Gabriela: Stuck on campus with nothing to do :(

RPG: lol no car?

RPG: come hang out..

Gabriela: I have a car just don’t know Austin

Gabriela: Where

RPG: [redacted] coffee on [redacted]. or come watch a movie at my house. either way

Gabriela: Can I get in? I’m 20

Gabriela: Take me dancing. I brought a dress ;)

RPG: kinda late for dancing. you can get into [redacted] lol

Gabriela: How much longer will u be there

RPG: at home now…

Gabriela: R u going to sleep

RPG: no (:

RPG: come show me your pretty new dress lol

Gabriela: So wats gonna happen if I come over. I’m not changing to go chill at Ur place. Lol

Gabriela: Will u watch a movie and just cuddle with me

RPG: yah. we can chill an relax

Gabriela: What’s Ur address and how far from campus.

RPG: [redacted] lane

RPG: about 10-15 mins

Gabriela: K

Gabriela: Ur not a serial killer or rapist right lol

RPG: no jeez

Gabriela: Gotta make sure

Gabriela: Where are the house #s ? I’m here. Kinda..

It was past one in the morning. I didn’t mind. Her coming straight to my house that late was a huge positive sign. I knew I’d bang her if I played my cards right.

I went outside and waved her into my driveway. Watched as she got out of her car and walked up to my front door. Her pictures were accurate but I was still pleasantly surprised.

She was a petite 20-year-old Latina from Guatemala. 16 years younger than me. She looked underage; like a high school girl. That was partly because of her size. She was only around five feet tall and weighed 95 pounds soaking wet. She had a tight little body, long black hair, and giant black doe eyes rimmed with dark lashes. Thick red lips, pale skin, nails done properly. Wearing a loose white blouse, long skirt, and heels. Her youthful looks were exaggerated by the metal braces she wore on her teeth.

We hugged hello and I invited her in. She was sweet, friendly, and didn’t appear nervous at all about showing up at a stranger’s house well after midnight. I gave her quick tour of my house, we chatted for a few minutes in the kitchen. Then we settled onto the couch to watch a movie. I’d smoked weed earlier but she wasn’t into getting high. And I sure wasn’t going to give her any alcohol.

It was late, I was already sleepy, and so I didn’t want to waste any time. A few minutes into the movie I told her to “Come lay next to me.” She didn’t argue.

We stretched out onto the couch. Spooning, with my already erect cock pushing up against her little ass. She didn’t pull away. Instead she arched her back and gently rubbed her ass against my dick, making my boner even harder. I began kissing and lightly biting her neck, licking her ears, and gently choking her with one hand. She moaned and ground harder against me. I turned her face back towards mine and kissed her.

She was enthusiastic about making out, but kept knocking my hands away from her tits and pussy. Eventually, I tried another tactic. I grabbed her hand and put it directly on my erect cock. She stroked me over my athletic shorts for a while. Then she finally pulled it out for a two-fisted hand job. But she wouldn’t suck my cock! And I figured she wasn’t going to fuck me. So, I let her jerk me off until I ejaculated all over her belly. I know, I know, ridiculous. I almost laughed too. It was like high school all over again.

She cleaned the cum off her belly and we watched some more of the movie. But she was sexy as hell, she was making me crazy horny, and I couldn’t keep my hands off her. So even though I’d just cum, we kept messing around. I kept pushing it, kept escalating. Finally I had her stripped down to her panties, sucking on her tits, grinding my semi-hard dick against her wet crotch.

“Let’s go upstairs.” I said.

She agreed, and followed me to the master bedroom.

We got in bed and I stripped naked. Slid my hand down her panties to play with her clit, and of course she was completely bald. Then I realized why she’d been resisting so hard – she was on her period. Still had a tampon in.

But then she uttered the magic words.

“Do you have a condom?” she said.

“Yeah” I said. “Take out your tampon. I’ll go get a blanket.”

So I ran back downstairs and grabbed my red sex blanket, she went into the bathroom and pulled her tampon out.

We got back into bed and started up again. It was the end of her cycle, so she wasn’t too bloody. She was soon dripping wet. But, she still wouldn’t suck my dick. And since I’d already ejaculated earlier, getting fully hard again was a challenge. But I managed to penetrate her using the soft entry technique.

Soon, I was hard as a rock and fucking her like a porn star. Now, the fact that I’d already cum earlier worked to my advantage. It helped to delay my ejaculation. We fucked for a long time before I finally came inside her – forcing her to look me in the eye when I pumped my semen up into her tight little pussy. With the condom on, of course.

It was late by now, past 5 AM. I was spent, and passed out hard.

I woke up with a start a few hours later. She was still sleeping soundly next to me. I realized I didn’t even know her name yet. Her purse was in my bathroom. So I snuck in there, found her wallet, got her driver’s license. Found her real name and double-checked her age. She checked out. Satisfied, I replaced everything and quietly slipped back into bed. She woke up soon after that. We didn’t fuck again, since she was in a hurry to get back to school.

But she texted me a few hours later:

Gabriela: So turns out advising starts at 8 but my advisor doesn’t meet with me til 10

RPG: lol ugh (: coulda slept in…

Gabriela: I know :(

This was a solid “morning after, you didn’t rape me” text. Of course I saved it to protect myself against false rape accusations.

Then I invited her back for round two. She said no – she was already on her way back home to Houston.

But she kept texting me.

And though I normally avoid long-distance relationships, she’s coming back to Austin in less than a month.

So I made an exception. Now I’m running long text game on her – staying in touch via text and phone.

She’ll likely be a nice addition to the harem when she returns.

And if not?

Well, I still got my first Guatemalan flag.

Total Cost – $0

Time Spent – 2 hours to first lay

Lesson Learned – Sometimes good game is just good timing.

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  • Kuba

    Now we want to hear about this “soft “entry technique”

  • Halfbreed

    Ha. It’s a Taoist sex technique. I wish I could say I invented it; but I didn’t.

    Basically, it’s a way for man to enter a woman when he’s not hard. If done correctly, he will get hard once he’s partially penetrated her – then he can have sex normally.

    Sounds a little weird, but it’s actually not too difficult to pull off. Good for situations like with this girl, or for impotent guys.

    I describe the soft entry technique in greater detail in my book Red Pill Orgasm: