Banging A 21-Year-Old Latina Stripper On The 1st Date

latino beauty

I found Sofia on OKCupid one evening a few weeks ago.

Got her number quickly and texted her right away:

RPG: hey its mario from okc how are you

Sofia: Hey :)

RPG: what are you up to

Sofia: Im cleaning my apartment, you?

RPG: lol finishing work. lets hang out…

Sofia: What did you have in mind lol

RPG: lets grab a drink. tonight or tomorrow…

Sofia: Alright I can’t tomorrow but I’d want to shower and such first ☺

RPG: lol ok meet me at [redacted] at 8:30 pm

Sofia: Uh scoop me up?

RPG: no car? Lol

Sofia: Nope :/

Sofia: Where is this place

RPG: on first street. I can pick you up

RPG: where?

Sofia: I live on [redacted]

RPG: off [redacted]?

Sofia: yes

RPG: ok. gotta shower, will come get you..

RPG: sound good?

Sofia: Yeah, sounds good

RPG: omw

Sofia: Great see you soon!

Sofia: The gate code is 1234 Make the third left. Building 17 in the corner

She lived in the student ghetto on the east side of town. It was just a ten minute drive from my house, so I didn’t mind. She was waiting outside her apartment, in the dark, when I arrived. She climbed into my truck and we hugged hello.

She was a 21-year-old Mexican-American girl. Almost sixteen years my junior. Long, thick black hair. Big, wide-set black eyes, fake lashes. Plump red lips. Decent teeth. Pale un-tattooed skin. She was a stripper, so she had a lithe, willowy dancer’s body. Slightly taller than me. She bore a striking resemblance to my psychotic ex-girlfriend – like a Latina china doll.

I was pleased. My dick perked up and my heart rate accelerated. I stayed calm and relaxed though. Made small talk as we drove to my favorite hipster coffee shop. We arrived, ordered drinks, and sat down next to each other. We were already getting along great. Chatting, laughing, joking. So I put my hands all over her straight away. Massive amounts of kino.

And the funny thing?

This little stripper had tight girl game! She knew just how to touch me – kino’d the hell out of me. Rubbing my arms, holding my hand, touching my face. And she was also a practiced ego-stroker. Paying me compliments. Commenting on my looks. Yeah, I took it all with a grain of salt. But she was turning me on. The vibe was there, the chemistry felt right. I knew I’d bang her, as long as I didn’t fuck it up. I decided to go for the same-night lay.

Fortunately, she liked marijuana. 45 minutes into the date, and she was ready to go smoke a bowl. Unfortunately, I was dry that day. No ganja at my house. And, my dealer wasn’t around. Luckily, Sofia had a connection. A neighbor who conveniently lived in her apartment complex – sold dope out of his room.

So we drove back to her place.

Now, I felt kinda nervous about walking into a random apartment to buy weed from strangers, with a girl I’d just met. I almost said no, let’s just go to your house instead, and forget about smoking. But she wanted it. And my fears were unfounded. The dealer was a friendly white college kid. Still, we didn’t linger. Just purchased our eighth, split it up, then bounced. Walked back to Sofia’s flat.

Finally, I had her isolated!

We relaxed on her living-room couch. No TV set up, so watched Netflix on her tablet. She rolled up white owl blunts, while I smoked from her glass pipe. Got touchy-feely again, and began making out heavily.

But there were hurdles.

Sofia had a small female dog. And while this adorable mutt was friendly, she was also insanely jealous of her mistress. Furry little bitch kept cock-blocking me! Nipping my hands. Nuzzling herself between our bodies. Barking and whining for attention. Plus we were still in Sofia’s living-room, and she had roommates. They were asleep but she was using them as an excuse to keep her clothes on.

I had to get her into her bedroom.

And I had to do something about this cock-blocking canine.

“Let’s go lay down on your bed.” I said. “It’ll be more comfortable, and we can watch TV in there.”

She resisted, at first. I kept pushing. Finally, she said yes.

We retired to her bedroom.

Locked the dog in the bathroom, to get some peace.

Now, I got aggressive. She didn’t stop me. Stripped her down. Pulled her bare pussy into my mouth. Sucked her clit until she was moaning and writhing. Then stripped myself. Threw my cock into her face. She had pro-level deep throat skills. Popped the head right down her esophagus, swallowed it completely, pressed her nose up against my lower belly. I throat-fucked her hard like that until her eyes were watering and I was close to blowing my load. Stopped myself, put on a condom instead. Then stood up on the side of the bed and fucked her until we both came.

It was late, and I was spent. No round two. We just passed out. I slept fitfully for only an hour or so. Couldn’t get comfortable – wanted my own bed. So I crept out in the dark, drove home, and fell back asleep.

She texted me the next day:

Sofia: Hey how are you

RPG: doing very well. sleepy (; you?

Sofia: Did you not get enough sleep? I’m fine :) just heading back home now

RPG: lol took a nap, good now. lets hang out again..

Sofia: Sure, soon? Just let me know

RPG: k, tonight or Friday

Sofia: Um, so I have a meeting here at 6. So after that would be good but Idk when it’s done. I’m probably going to work tomorrow. 

Sofia: Depends when is good for you, But I could choose my shift accordingly

RPG: I can pick you up later tonight

Sofia: Otay :)

I picked her up again that night. This time we went straight back to my house and banged again. The sex was even better the second time around. She slept over, and we had an epic fuck-fest again in the morning. Then I took her home.

I saw her just once more – our third date was a wild night of drunken sex at her place. But after that? We texted a few times. Then, she went radio silent. Nexted me. I liked Sofia, so I was mildly disappointed. But her actions didn’t surprise me. I’ve learned from experience – don’t expect loyalty from these young sluts. Even with solid chemistry and good sex.

Total Cost – $10 on drinks at coffee house. Plus $20 for my share of the eighth.

Time Spent – 3-4 hours to first lay

Lesson Learned – These hoes ain’t loyal.

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    “Lesson learned – these hoes ain’t loyal.”

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    You left out the part about how you found out she was a stripper.

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    Yeah you’re right..

    She just casually mentioned it during the 1st date.

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