Banging My 18-Year-Old Stripper Roommate

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I live in suburbia, in a house with a fully furnished spare room.

Wasted space.

I wanted some rental income so I put an ad up on Craigslist.

I got a few nibbles, but nothing serious.

Then Princess emailed me.

She needed a furnished room immediately. We made plans for her to come take a look.

She was at my house right on time the next morning.

She was an attractive 18-year-old girl –  over 17 years younger than me. Half-Latina, half-white. Pretty face, though not beautiful. Tight body, big tits, tan skin, long brown hair. Already heavily tattooed, with a large tramp stamp on her lower back. She was kind of ghetto.

She was a stripper. So, she was ready with the rent money and deposit no problem.

She wanted to move in that evening. Stupid and impulsive. I said yes anyhow.

I watched her sweet teenage ass walk out, my spare house key in her purse.

The hairs prickled up behind my neck just a little.

Fuck, I hope I don’t end up regretting this, I thought.

Later that night, I was in the garage hitting the heavy bag. Door open to the street.

Princess arrived. Chauffeured by her “friend,” a young Colombian kid. I introduced myself – he was skinny and harmless.

Everything Princess owned fit into two pink suitcases, and I helped her bring in her bags. The Colombian bounced out.

She came downstairs in a t-shirt and panties after unpacking. We sat on the back patio in the dark as she smoked a cigarette.

She’d recently gotten her nipples pierced. She proudly showed off her barbells. They were irritating her. I obligingly stroked one breast for a few seconds, before she pulled away.

She was going to make this easy for me. But it was late and time for bed. I didn’t try anything else that night.

Later the next day, we smoked some weed in her room both lounging half naked. I relaxed back while she changed in front of me. She stopped mid way and lit up a joint, standing about two feet from me. Wearing just the short little t-shirt, no panties. I pretended to not notice. Avoided looking at her tan, perfectly waxed pussy.

A few minutes later she demanded that I put her lighter back on her nightstand.

“You’re not crippled. Do it yourself.” I said.

“No man has ever said no to me.” she said.

I didn’t know if she was being serious or not. Either way, she did it herself.

We didn’t see each other for a few days after that. She was out and about, and I was busy working.

Three nights later, we were alone again. We relaxed and smoked a few bowls in her bed, both of us half naked.

Then I got up to go sleep in my own room. But, she didn’t want to sleep alone. She asked me to stay in bed with her. So we fell asleep, intertwined.

I woke up a few hours later, in the dark.

My hand was gripping her inner thigh. Close to her pussy. I squeezed her leg, woke her up. She didn’t stop me, thrust her hips towards me. I stroked her tight body. Massaging her thighs, rubbing her belly and tits. Her nipple barbells got in the way, so I sucked them instead. The metal felt slightly cool on my tongue, clicked against my teeth. Then I spread her legs and pulled myself up onto her. My hands went down past her panties, rubbed her already dripping pussy. I pulled off her panties. She pulled off my boxers, grabbed my dick, and started rubbing it against her wet crotch.

I started having second thoughts.

But she kept grinding her hips against me. My brain went cloudy and I penetrated her, unprotected. I savored a few gloriously raw strokes…

“That’s it!” I gasped, pulling out.

I needed to put on a condom!

“Please fuck me…” she begged. “Fuck me in your bed.”

“Okay” I said.

We went to my bed and I put on a condom.

She took some work, but I pulled a few orgasms out of her.

We passed out, and fucked again the next morning.

I was happy we’d fucked. But even using condoms, I felt kinda uneasy about her.

That’s because I found out she sometimes whored herself out. Sold her pussy to men at the strip club.

She also had a boyfriend who was older than me.

And, she’d just fucked her Colombian driver.

I didn’t care about the other dudes – I was still running my harem.

But I just didn’t feel comfortable banging a (former?) prostitute.

We’d only fucked four times, but I told her we couldn’t sleep together anymore.

But, she continued walking around the house half-naked. Showing me her pussy, rubbing herself up against me.

It’s tough having naked 18-year-old ass in your house, and not fucking it. Torture, really.

I regretted ending our sexual relationship. But I couldn’t change my decision.

She was now nearly worthless to me. And once I made it clear that she couldn’t use me for anything else, she also lost interest.

Luckily, she was rarely home. But I still asked her to move out.

She left a few days later, I gave her the deposit back. She’d only lived with me for about three weeks, total.

It was an interesting, but potentially dangerous experience. It could have ended badly for me.

Not something I’ll do again.

Total Cost: $0 (She paid me $550 for rent)

Time Spent: 5-6 hours to first sex

Lesson Learned: Don’t live with teenage strippers. 

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