The Blackdragon Dating System Review


Intermediate game is like $2 million in the bank.

There’s nothing worse than spending time, effort, and money online dating…and then not getting laid.

And if you are one of the few guys who scores an online date? You end up wasting more time and cash on first dates that go nowhere. Maybe you are a more advanced player and you already get laid…but now you want to build a harem of young hotties. Or, you might be a regular guy who just wants to find a normal girlfriend or potential wife and get married some day…

The Blackdragon Dating System will show you how to get laid online and build a harem of young women. So, I’ve been using it since I got back into the game several years ago. Now, if you’ve read my blog you know I have some natural game. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take solid advice from experienced players.

Anyway, when I bought the books I wasn’t meeting many women. I’m an introvert at heart, so day game didn’t really appeal to me at the time. Since then I’ve gone on over 50 first dates, had tons of sex with hot young women, and learned how to properly run my harem.

Want to do the same?

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Get your copy of the newly released version…How To Fill Your Calendar With Dates Using Online Dating – Version 2.0 – Updated For 2013.

Find your wife, girlfriend, or new harem members with 29 new pages of fresh and highly detailed information. It’ll teach you to cultivate the proper mindset when handling women. BD has cleaned up the typos. The new book is conversational and easy to read. His positive attitude is refreshing. The wholes series is great for introverts, newly divorced men, widowers, or guys with rusty game.

Get them the eBooks in the series, or pick and choose the ones you want:

1) Fast Sex

If you need to learn how to escalate and get to sex faster then buy Dating Women: Getting To Sex As Quickly As Possible.

2) Date Multiple Women

Learn how to run a proper soft harem, dating multiple women at the same time Ethically, with minimal drama. Pick up a copy of How To Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women.

3) Advanced Online Dating

Improve Your Online Dating Results will show you how to take your online game to the next level with tips and advice that adds on to the first book.

4) Dating Younger Women

If you are an older guy who wants to fuck very young women then you should definitely pick up How To Attract And Date Younger Women and Younger Women Case Studies.

5) Open Marriages

And finally, if you are a married man who wants to bang chicks on the side without losing your wife then get How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage. Full disclosure, I’m not married and I didn’t buy this last one.

Money-Back Guarantee

Blackdragon offers a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you get your cash back with no questions asked. Pussy is waiting for you online. Other guys (like me) are getting it. Get the sex that you’re entitled to, or the next guy will.

Get Your Copy Today: Blackdragon Dating System

  • Halfbreed

    Valid point. But it’s hard to say much bad about BD’s products, because they work.