How To Date Women Half Your Age

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When I was younger, I usually slept with girls my age. Or sometimes, even older.

Sure, I messed around with a few younger than me. But that wasn’t the norm.

Back then, I guess I felt it was wrong to bang younger girls.

You know?

Like I’d unconsciously accepted blue-pill conditioning surrounding may/december relationships.

That became a problem as I grew older and women in my age group got less attractive.

But after digesting a healthy dose of red pill wisdom, I smartened the fuck up. Realized I could bang the younger girls I really wanted. It was a life-changing part of my red pill journey – experiencing young women who LOVED dating “older” guys like me!

Can older men (35+) consistently date young girls (18-24)?

Yes they can. Here in America those types of girls are a minority. But they’re out there.

I just turned 36. And I usually date girls aged 18-24. Of course I’ll go older, but I prefer them young.

Learning to seduce younger women (as an older guy) has skyrocketed the quality of my life. Like discovering a latent super-power, or significantly raising my net-worth.

Here’s why:

8 benefits of dating young women

1) Hotter, Tighter, More Fun

Younger girls are hotter than older women. That’s not really debatable. They’re healthier, smoother, more nubile, and have nicer bodies. And usually they’re un-jaded, less bitter, and simply more fun to be around. What’s not to love?

2) Faster Lays

Young girls can be difficult to game, as we’ll explore in a minute. But when a young girl really likes you? The seduction will likely be smooth and easy. When a millennial girl wants to fuck, she won’t mess around. She’ll just fuck you, fast. So same night lays and quick one night stands are likely.

3) Easier To Date

Younger girls tend to “go with the flow” once you’re in a relationship with them. They’ll have fewer dating rules and requirements, so they cost less to have around. They’re not as bitchy, and less likely to make demands. So dating them is easier, less stressful.

4) Relationship Strength

It’s been proven by science that older men/younger women relationships are stronger and endure longer than other pairings. All my best relationships have been with girls at least 10 years younger than me. Not all young girls are relationship material, but the ones that are can be good ones.

5) Good Harem Girls

Do you want to spin plates, date multiple women? Then young girls are ideal. They’re much more open to sharing their man with other women, when compared to broads over 30.

6) Fresher

Of course, some young women rack up impressive notch counts early in life. But in general, most will have lower N counts by default. Some guys may not care, but for others that’s a good thing.

7) Less Sexual Inhibition

Many young girls are in their experimental “slut phase.” I don’t need to explain how this works to your advantage. In contrast, an older chick will often refuse to try new things with you, since she “isn’t like that anymore.”

8) Desire To Please You

If a young girl really likes you? You’ll know it. She’ll work hard for your approval. That can translate to cooking, cleaning, better sex, or other favors. This doesn’t always apply, some young girls are too selfish be bothered.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games.

Silver foxes face downsides when dating youngsters…

5 downsides to dating young girls

1) Annoying, Flakey, & Stupid Behavior

Many women are annoying, stupid, and shallow. But damn, millennial girls take it to extremes. Expect crazy, bratty, flakey, irritating behavior. It’s rare to find a young person who isn’t an iPhone addict; same goes for social media. And yes, you can still find smart young things. But in general, most young girls are dumber than a box of rocks.

2) Major Shit-Testing

These girls will shit-test you relentlessly, ruthlessly. Most have had weak or absent father figures so they’re craving masculine strength and dominance. Can you give it to them?

3) Bad Communication

Despite their phone and social media addictions, millennials are often terrible at in-person communication. Some are so bad that conversation becomes almost impossible.

4) She’s At Peak SMV

This could just as well go under the pros list. But her sexual market value (SMV) is a double edged-sword. Sure, it’s great for you if you’re banging her; you’re getting her at her best. But she’s in heavy demand and will have countless options. Expect heavy competition from the widest possible range of men.

5) Low Sex Drives, Sometimes

Sure, young girls like sex too. But due to hormones, her sex drive won’t rev up full bore until she’s in her 30’s. Yes you can still bang these young girls, but they won’t always be as horny as you’d sometimes like.

Are you an “older” man moving into your 30’s or 40’s?

Want to date much younger women, but not sure how?

Don’t despair.

You CAN still bang hot young girls, for years to come.

But as you’ve just seen, dating younger girls can be challenging for older gentlemen.

It takes specialized game…

8 vital traits for dating younger women

1) Massive Flexibility

Flexibility is always part of good game. But it’s especially important for young chicks living crazy lifestyles. Many are broke, don’t plan, get drunk, do drugs, stay up all night, and sleep all day. They often live with parents or don’t have cars. So expect spur-of-the-moment dates, late nights, driving to pick her up, crazy situations, etc. The more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll get the bang.

2) Zen-Like Patience

These girls will test you. So you’ve got to stay calm and relaxed like Buddha. Otherwise you’ll blow yourself out prematurely and waste your time. Extreme patience is the only way to beat millennial flakiness, craziness, and testing.

3) Iron Dominance, Super-Masculine Frame

Dominance and alpha attitude are mandatory if you’re gonna game young ones successfully. Guys her age are mostly little bitches. Act the opposite. Project calm, masculine, amused mastery. Speak slowly, move slowly, respond slowly. Never get outwardly angry. Simply minimizing drama, holding frame, and staying in control will put you light years ahead of the young men she’s used to.

4) Ruthless Sexual Mastery

You think her high-school sweetheart laid pipe properly? Show her how a man fucks. Do it right, and she’ll be coming back for more.

5) Solid Online Presence

Ignore the online dating haters. Young girls live on the internet. Sure, you can also find them via other methods – day game is just as viable. But online dating is still important for this age group.

6) Youthful Health & Vitality

Yes, your maturity will attract her. But you can’t seem too old, either. Go for dichotomy. For example, having salt & pepper hair combined with a youthful, muscular body. Hit the gym, take care of your skin, fix your teeth, and maximize your overall health. Be the “hot older guy.”

7) Tight Text Game

Tight text game is mandatory in 2014. Many young girls are like idiot savants, they can only communicate using phones and social media. So keep your text game tight. Use the Jumbotron rule. Time your texts. Keep your word count low and overall texting to a minimum.

8) Indifference to Social Pressure

The world will hates older men/younger woman pairings. So you’ll need to be coldly indifferent to social pressure. It’s not hard, really. The key is to not give a fuck what anyone thinks, ignore them, and do what you want.

What about money & resources? Do those matter when gaming young girls?


I mean, you can’t be a homeless bum.

But money matters much less than you think.

Yes, you’ll need cash for basics; logistical reasons.

But a big house, nice car, lots of money?

Those things won’t hurt you – but they won’t really help you get laid with younger girls, either.

Young women these days don’t need providers. They’ve got their parents, their schools, jobs, etc.

So in the end it’s all about the strength of your game.

This seems like a lot of work. Is it worth it?

Yes, yes, yes.

You haven’t fully lived until you’ve gone balls deep into a girl young enough to be your daughter.

Don’t listen to societal brain-washing.

Are you an older guy who wants to bang very young women?

Then forget the haters – go for it my friend.

Within legal bounds, of course.

You’ll need consistently tight game to bang young girls.

But the reward?

Well worth the price.

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  • 30 Something Dude

    This article touches on many ideas I hold to be true. I am a 30-something man that is still attracted to women in their early twenties. Society says its creepy, but when you look behind the veil its really 30-something women talking, they’re worried that all the 30-something men are going to leave their dating pool and jump in with the younger fish. Girls are so much more feminine in their twenties, I find a lot of 30-something women hard to get on with and argumentative. 30-something women seem to want it all but without making any concessions. I don’t think 30-something men should delude themselves, some young women will find it creepy especially if you approach incorrectly. But you’ll also be surprised by the number of receptive young hotties you can get, who back in your twenties wouldn’t have looked at you.

  • Halfbreed

    Yeah, I haven’t dated a woman over 30 years old in many years. I’d have no problem dating women that age – despite talk of “the wall” there are plenty of attractive MILFs out there. But like you said, the main problem with women over 30 is the bad attitudes and the dating “rules.” Lame. I’ll just bang pretty young women instead.

  • G380

    Anglosphere social thinking is commie trash. EE has it right 22yos riding 40yo dudes.

  • Drkaimers

    I’m new to your blog. But w this post, I’m all in.

  • Halfbreed

    Thanks man, appreciate that.

  • JWHacket

    What if half your age isn’t young enough?

    I’m 56 and my latest just broke up because I wouldn’t “commit” to marriage. She is 24 and we went together for a year and a half. What he says above is true. She would come over and fix dinner, then wash and fold my clothes. The best part about it is she was nude the whole time and as soon as dinner was over it was time for “dessert”. She was definitely less inhibited than my ex-wife and was willing to try just about anything.
    I treated her to a couple of trips to the caribbean and she absolutely loved it.

    I sure do miss her and I wouldn’t mind her coming back, but I’m not getting married again.

  • Halfbreed

    32 year age difference?

    Well played my friend.

    And I’m sure you’ll find a suitable replacement. ;)

  • Cyrax

    Mario you sir are a noble savage and I praise that I’m 23 right now but you can bet at 33 I’m gonna be macking on the 19 and 20 year old girls thank you for this article now if you’ll excuse me I think my 18 year old brother has a few equally aged female prospects I’m gonna hit up till next time

  • Mario Favela

    Cyrax, Thank you my friend. Glad you found my site, appreciate your recent comments.

  • Burn

    Wow, just found your site and I must say, it seems like it’s written FOR me. Introverted tendencies? Check. 30-something that dates much younger? Check.

    For me, there’s another factor at play and that’s the fact that I look MUCH younger. People sometimes say that flippantly, but I legitimately get mistaken for being ~21 or in my teens all the time, to the point while not in work clothes I have been carded multiple times at the mall for curfew! Anyways, the challenge this presents is that I attract younger girls; while that’s a benefit, usually these girls aren’t actually into older men and are taken aback when they learn of my age, and things can get awkward…

    Any thoughts on how to deal with these types of situations? Do I need to start wearing a t-shirt with my license printed on the front? lol

  • Mario Favela

    Hey Goph,

    Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that.

    Hah I thought I was the only one with that problem. I’m late 30’s but still pass as mid to late 20’s.

    And yah I’ve lost girls the exact same way – gotten a number from a younger girl via daygame but then lost her once she realized how old I actually was. I don’t think there is much you can do about it though. Unless you either lie about your age, or move to a country where older men/younger female relationships are more socially acceptable (Mexico or Colombia for example)