Is Online Dating For Pussies?

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Some men dislike online game, for different reasons.

But I’ve heard three main arguments against it.

So let’s address the haters.

Online dating is for pussies

It takes balls to cold approach. It takes no courage to send an OKCupid email. No denying that. But the actual dating and seduction process? That isn’t any easier with online dating. You’ve still got to run game in person if you’re gonna fuck her. And I’d argue that it can be even TOUGHER to bang an online prospect.


Well with online girls, your first date is your first meeting. When you meet her in person, she’s still a literal stranger. Yes, she’s seen your pictures, but it’s still not much different from a blind date. So it takes tight game to consistently get girls online to sleep with you, cold. Add that to the fact online girls almost always have their guards up when they meet you. After all, you could be just another internet creeper or catfish.

Now compare that with girls you’ve seduced through day game or night game. With those girls – yes, getting the number is harder. Yes, you’re strangers initially. But you get a chance to warm her up while getting her number; she’s met you. So once you’re actually on the first date with her? Those girls are generally easier to seduce; more likely already attracted to you. That’s semi-warm seduction, instead of completely cold online seduction. Again, I’m not saying day game or night game are easy. Not at all. Just that online game isn’t easier; and in some ways it can be harder.

Girls online are low-quality

Are there low-quality women online? Of course. Online dating sites are filled with freaks and fatties. But if you live here in the west – how’s that any different from your real-life? Go take a look outside. There are weirdos and land whales everywhere. But there are also good-looking girls in the real world – diamonds in the rough. So just like real life, there are also attractive women online. Yes they’re a minority. But learn to hunt properly and screen ruthlessly, and you’ll find girls you like.

Online dating just doesn’t work

This is a common complaint, and I can relate. Many years ago, before taking the red pill, I tried using Plenty of Fish. Scored one date, didn’t get laid, so I quit. I failed because I didn’t know what I was doing. But I was stubborn, knew I could do it, and tried again. I found a system and worked obsessively until I succeeded. And now? Well I wouldn’t say dating online is easy. It’s still a grind. But it works. Don’t believe me? Read through the Red Pill Game online dating archives

Online game is like anything else. Yes it has flaws.

Should it be your only resource for meeting new women?


But in the end, a first date is still a first date. No matter how you got there.

Online dating is just another pipeline.

A great game resource, especially for introverted men like me.

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  • Axel Page (Shameless Pride)

    Great article. I thought the same way before I tried it – that it would be filled with low quality, needy, odd ball women. THe reality is (big cities anyways) – a lot of women are busy and don’t know how to find time to meet new people. They might have come here for work, school, or just want to meet guys outside of their social circles and the simple bar scene. If you are a guy who figures out a system and knows how to thrive on a date – you can do big time work. OKC, POF, Tinder – all have given me good results. Screen screen screen is the key.

  • Halfbreed

    Thanks man. Yeah screening is crucial, you’ve gotta cut out the time-wasters. But once you do it can be a very efficient process. I mostly use OKCupid, haven’t done much with POF or Tinder.

  • Wald

    It’s just a tool as is “game” itself.

    Convinced my friend to give tinder a try despite his misgivings about online.

    He’s thanked me multiple times since he’s fucked two girls off it.


  • Tartan

    Hey been reading your blog and you’ve got some great stuff here. I’ve been on OK cupid for 1 month and haven’t had any dates from that yet. What date to message ratio would be considered “good”? The reason I’m asking is that I think one problem is that my city only has 500,000 people and I’ve been looking at the 18 – 23 age range. Is online dating like OK cupid better for finding women from a slightly older age range? Given the fact that most quality women are on there due to being busy from work commitments.

  • Halfbreed

    Agreed. Yeah, I don’t use Tinder – just OKCupid.

  • Halfbreed

    Hey thanks Tartan. Hmm. I stopped tracking my response rates a long time ago. I do know online dating is more challenging than it was several years ago; at least in my area.

    My metro has double your number, and there are many college-age girls around.

    So I’ve still been doing well with the young ones (18-24) on OKCupid recently…

  • Richard

    So what are you thoughts about profile content? I’ve seen some successful men write profiles that are great at describing who they are, while others write a lot of things in their profile for the sake of amusement. (asshole game?)
    I’m sure it depends on the type of girl you’re trying to attract, but seems to me like a well-written profile gets you further with girls than a profile that doesn’t say much of anything but is intriguing as hell and at least gets a curiosity response.
    What’s your profile like?

  • Tartan

    Ah cool man. Yeah OK Cupid for me just throws up a max of like 50 girls for my area and age range. I live in Glasgow and have extended the distance range to include Edinburgh but there seems to be a dire lack of girls. At least in my search critera.

  • Halfbreed

    I use the “amusement” profile, these days. It has almost zero detail about me…

    Here’s some great stuff from DT to give you ideas:

  • Halfbreed

    Move to London. ;)

  • nika

    What are your thoughts in regards to online dating? So ive met this guy on Okcupid an i think he was adorable. We’ve been talking for 3 months now and i dont know if he is really that serious about me. He said he loves me and everything and i do too but the fact that we havent meet in person yet due to our distance is killing us, me. You see we live basically at the other side of the world so i dont know if this the real deal or not. If he really is serious about me or just playing. A little help? Btw he’s an introvert.