Manosphere Meltdowns, Short Guy Game, & Tall Man Hatred

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You may have missed it, but a manosphere blogger had a major meltdown this weekend.

This particular red pill writer published a mildly insane blog rant attacking tall men with game – those hulking, chiseled he-man manosphere bloggers who seem to score easily with women.

Our mystery blogger then promptly deleted his post, probably realizing just how crazy it was.

But unfortunately for him, I’m good at the Internet.

I found the deleted post, copied the text, screen-captured it.

Now I’m not gonna name names – you can find the original version online if you look hard enough.

Or, you can just read his rant right here. Copy/pasted word-for-word from Google Cache with no edits:

A Big Fat Shut The Fuck Up

With my good shoes I am 5’7. Without I am probably 5’6. My hair left me a while back. Like five or six years ago a while.

What fucking pisses me off is these mother fuckers with advantages talking about game and getting laid. I’m ready to say it: Shut the fuck up. Shut your fucking mouth. Yeah, you get laid, you tall, well groomed, full-head-of-hair piece of shit. And I’m tired of reading your blog and your advice column that will never work for me.

I’m here for the fuckin’ regular guy. Tonight I was out with my boy (6’2) and the dude is wearing a black V neck T that is too small and doesn’t fit because he put on weight and he’s balding. His pants fit okay. We are standing there talking. A girl walks up to us and grabs his glasses off his face and starts chatting him up. This is normal for him. All he has to do is not fuck up. You can learn how to do that on my blog. Read my fucking posts. 90% of his game isn’t doing the RIGHT things, it’s avoiding doing the WRONG things.

I see this and I fucking shudder. Mother fuckers with his stature are writing blogs telling you how to get girls. FUCK THEM. I will say it one more time. FUCK THEM. Girls will come to you if you are over six foot. It is 100% of my experiences. I’m tired of it. Then these dudes preach game. These fuckin’ dicks learned game after their girlfriends treated them bad, but they’ve had 90 girlfriends. Shut the fuck up. Shut your god damn fucking mouths. Don’t talk to us about your deep, “next level” game. You’re a tall handsome dude. Shut your god damn fucking mouth. You didn’t develop shit. You’re just tall. You’re bone structure is solid. And I am calling you out you fucking silver spoon bitch. I don’t care if you didn’t have money or what your socioeconomic status was- we know that shit doesn’t matter.

I don’t mean to ostracize tall people, which I am probably doing, but this is an everyman blog. I have been taking advice and lessons from people who have never understood my particular challenges and god dammit they are living life in easy mode. So they should shut their fucking mouths. Shut the fuck up. I’m tired of seeing it. For those of us living real life: I will tell you exactly how I get laid despite my encumbrances. Read my shit. Ask me questions. I am here for you.

So that’s it.

A lot of anger in that post.

I can kinda understand where this bitter player is coming from.

You see I’m only 5 feet 8 inches tall. That’s just under 177 cm, for you Commonwealth readers.

So I know from experience – being a shorter guy makes game more challenging.

It is like playing a video game on hard mode.

But, so what?

I might have to try a little harder, but I still get laid.

The truth is, if you’re a shorter guy you’ll likely never have it easy with girls. Unless you’re famous.

That’s still no reason to despise your tall brothers.

It’s like hating attractive women because it’s easier for them to find sex.

Yeah, yeah, we all know life’s easier for hot young girls in their prime. But men shouldn’t bitch about it.

Is game easier for tall guys?

Probably, for some.

It doesn’t make their game advice less valid – you can still learn from them.

Take what’s valuable to you, use it, discard the rest.

Some men will always have advantages over you.

Taller. Better-looking. Bigger cocks. Richer than you. Stronger game than yours.

None of that matters.

Holding hatred in your heart only poisons your soul.

Reject the negativity, don’t dwell on what G-d didn’t give you.

Remember, any man can improve his lot in life and bang progressively hotter women.

But yeah, it takes work.

So focus on what you can control.

Embrace the hand you were dealt and play to your natural strengths. Fix weakness if possible.

But don’t use height, or anything else, as an excuse for indulging in self-pity.

Take action instead.

Learn tight game, learn to fuck, build wealth, get lean & ripped, dress properly, build social status, acquire new skills, and network with like-minded men.

We all make mistakes.

Lord knows I’ve written things I’ve regretted – even deleted posts here on this blog.

But hatred won’t help you my friend.

Be a man.

Suck it up.

And do what needs to be done.

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  • Hollentunder

    I’m only 175 cm and I fucked taller girls than me, with heels they were intimidating but i manned up. I’m not handsome, but I’m not balding and I’m nowhere near the “Alphaplayboy”. Hold your FRAME and that’s it. If she likes you she will not give a damn about your height

  • Halfbreed

    Hey man. Good to hear of another shorter guy killing it. Yeah, I agree. Height & looks matter, of course. But game & frame are key.

  • Wald

    Height is not an issue if you don’t make it one. My tallest girlfriend was a German – 5’11” (180.34cm) and I am 5’7″ (170cm).

    Game is the equalizer.


  • Halfbreed

    Very true. I recently hooked up with a younger girl who was slightly taller than me…

    But in general, I prefer girls who are shorter and more petite.

  • Wald

    I prefer shorter girls; I prefer shorter than me, the most.

    Tall girl won me over with a winning personality until physical distance killed it.