Introverted Men Must Forge Emotional Armor

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I find introversion fascinating. The more I learn about it, the better I understand myself. And that understanding helps tighten my game. One thing I’ve learned? Introverted men are more vulnerable to emotional damage when important relationships end…

How Marijuana Affects Sex, Dating & Game


Does smoking weed help or hurt your game? Specifically, does cannabis intoxication make it easier or harder to pick up women? Well in some ways weed can be great for game. But it can also hold you back and make things much more challenging…

The Player’s Guide To Covering Your Tracks

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Learning to clean your living space, to cover tracks properly, is vital for men who date multiple women. Now don’t get me wrong. Evidence CAN be a powerful tool for harem management. But like all tools, it has a time and place. It’s extremely effective if used properly. But destructive if used incorrectly…

Supercharge Your Manosphere Blog

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Matt Forney recently released a revised version of Confessions Of An Online Hustler: How To Make Money And Become An Internet Superstar. I’d read the first edition, so I expected the new one to contain plenty of solid advice. I was not disappointed…

Why Introverts Should Work In Bars & Restaurants

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Introverts can do well with women if they’re willing to respect the game, evolve, and make some changes. Sometimes that means stepping out of comfort zones. So, how can young introverts accelerate social development? Working in the hospitality industry…

How To Survive A Brush With Death

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When I was 27 I was moshing at a concert in Austin. I got hit. Not a fight. Just a random body check. I don’t recall the moment of impact – didn’t even see who hit me. A day later I felt terrible pain in my belly…

Approach Excitement & Six Foot Black Girls

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The “anxiety” that I felt before approaching this girl wasn’t really anxiety. It was excitement. And I think for many men, it’s the same. We misinterpret our physical reaction. Trick ourselves into thinking it’s fear or nerves…

Game Peaks & Valleys


Clearly I enjoy writing about women I bang. It’s not just narcissism. Lay reports are useful study guides. A way to help other men on their journey. But honesty is important – no man gets every girl he tries to seduce.