Review Of Red Pill Dominance By Jeremy Sploosh

red pill dominance jeremy sploosh

So I knew Jeremy Sploosh was writing his first book. He’d dropped hints on Twitter, and even favorited my recent post on self-publishing an eBook. But when his debut dropped a few weeks ago, I was taken aback. Red Pill Dominance? Why, that’s almost like my first book!

How To Build A Convict’s Body


Convict Conditioning was written by an ex-con named Paul Wade – a man who spent years serving time in various California penal institutions. Paul entered prison a physical weakling. But the prison yard gym was off limits due to his lowly “new fish” status. He had no intention of becoming a victim, he had to keep the wolves at bay…

Banging A 21-Year-Old Latina Stripper On The 1st Date


I found Sofia on OKCupid one evening a few weeks ago. Got her number quickly and texted her right away. She lived in the student ghetto on the east side of town. It was just a ten minute drive from my house. So I didn’t mind. She was waiting outside her apartment, in the dark, when I arrived…

How To Date Women Half Your Age


When I was younger, I usually slept with girls my age. Or sometimes, even older. Sure, I messed around with a few younger than me. But that wasn’t the norm. Back then, I guess I felt it was wrong to bang younger girls. You know? Like I’d unconsciously accepted blue-pill conditioning…

Is Online Dating For Pussies?


Some men dislike online game, for different reasons. But I’ve heard three main arguments against it. Let’s address the haters. 1) Online dating is for pussies. Yes, it takes balls to cold approach. And it takes no courage to send an OKCupid email. No denying that…

Introverted Men Must Forge Emotional Armor

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I find introversion fascinating. The more I learn about it, the better I understand myself. And that understanding helps tighten my game. One thing I’ve learned? Introverted men are more vulnerable to emotional damage when important relationships end…

How Marijuana Affects Sex, Dating & Game


Does smoking weed help or hurt your game? Specifically, does cannabis intoxication make it easier or harder to pick up women? Well in some ways weed can be great for game. But it can also hold you back and make things much more challenging…

The Player’s Guide To Covering Your Tracks

sexy maid

Learning to clean your living space, to cover tracks properly, is vital for men who date multiple women. Now don’t get me wrong. Evidence CAN be a powerful tool for harem management. But like all tools, it has a time and place. It’s extremely effective if used properly. But destructive if used incorrectly…

Supercharge Your Manosphere Blog

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Matt Forney recently released a revised version of Confessions Of An Online Hustler: How To Make Money And Become An Internet Superstar. I’d read the first edition, so I expected the new one to contain plenty of solid advice. I was not disappointed…