Serial Monogamy Is Introvert Kryptonite

superman  hates kryptonite

I made many mistakes in my 20’s. Spending five years getting a four-year college degree. Living with my parents for too long. Wasting time with low-quality friends. Excessive drug and alcohol consumption. Playing too many video games. But looking back, one thing tops the list. Serial monogamy. Back then, I was very blue pill. Yeah… [Read More]

Becoming Immune To Female Tears

princess crys

As your game improves, you’ll naturally become more masculine. Meaning you’ll attract more feminine women. And that’s a good thing. Feminine girls are better than their tomboy sisters. They’re usually more petite, girly, sweet, and loving. They’re likely prettier, dress like real women, and tend to have long hair and nice nails. And feminine girly-girls… [Read More]

Learn To Be A Lion Among Sheep

king and lion

Habits make or break men. So it’s obviously important to learn good ones, if you wanna win at the game of life. But which ones are best? For some guys, that’s easy. But for others, the answer isn’t clear. If only there were some sort of guide… Enter Becoming A Lion Among Sheep, from my… [Read More]

Never Confide In Her

moment of silence

Today I’ll discuss a powerful way to quickly improve your relationships with women. This tip is simple, easy to learn, and will come naturally to most men. But it’s a game pillar – a fundamental way to strengthen hand within your relationships. What’s this magic game bullet? Well, you read the title… But it’s important,… [Read More]

How Bodyweight Training Wrecked My Shower

naked girl in shower

I was cleaning the shower the other day, the one in my guest bathroom. It’s a combo shower with bathtub, rod, and twin curtains. Squatting down in the tub, water cascading down over my naked body. I’d thoroughly coated the clear plastic interior curtain with Scrubbing Bubbles. Now, I was using elbow grease to get… [Read More]

How To Walk Out On A First Date

heartbreak hotel

Most game advice focuses on approach, frame control, confidence, and amused mastery. But game is also knowing when to cut your losses. Sometimes that means ending first dates early. It’s also known as a hard next; walking out on a girl you don’t like, and never seeing her again. Most first date walk-outs happen with… [Read More]

Gaming Girls You’ve Banged Once, But Not Twice

Sometimes there are game grey areas. Where a man must experiment before learning what works best for him. One major personal grey area? Right after I’ve have sex with a new girl. But before I’ve banged her for the second time. This stage of the seduction process is short, but critical. If you’ve gotten to… [Read More]

Get Laid With The Tinder Template

the tinder template

I tried Tinder out last year, but didn’t care for it. I struggled, got annoyed, and deleted the app after just a few days. And since then I’ve avoided it completely. OKCupid was working just fine, and so I stuck with that for online dating. Then Masculine Profiles recently asked me to review his new… [Read More]

RPG Radio Episode 2: Will Hate Strengthen Your Game?

wolves fighting

In this episode of Red Pill Game Radio I discuss love, hatred, and how those emotions affect dating, relationships, and game. Podcast links: Good Looking Loser Blackdragon Tyler Vin Iceberg Slim’s memoir Game as emotional armor Music produced by DJ Walkstrange Recorded on a Blue Yeti Microphone Read More: Why Introverts Should Work In Bars… [Read More]

Can You Get Sex With Skype?

girl uses skype

Although phone game is a dying art, it’s not dead yet. Phone conversations are still useful before first dates. They’re especially helpful for girls you’ve met on the internet – a smooth way to transition from online to IRL. Chatting on the phone warms her up, makes her comfortable. Thus increasing your chances of getting… [Read More]

How To Date Girls At The Office

featured image office girl

It’s generally not a good idea to bang girls at work. Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. Or so they say. If you actually care about your professional career, that’s sound advice. No reason to mix business with pleasure. But…that doesn’t apply to every man. Maybe you’re a younger guy working in a… [Read More]

Make Her Crave Your Texts

cutie texting

The whole concept of text game is still kinda odd to me. That’s because it didn’t exist when I grew up. We didn’t have cell phones. Phone game was a thing back then, since parents had landlines. In those days, I’d actually talk to girls I liked… Sometimes, for hours at a time! But now,… [Read More]

Always Have A Bottom Bitch

pretty girl

If you read my writing, you might think I spend all my time chasing girls. And it’s true that I’ve sometimes worked hard to get laid. Part of that is this blog. If I wanna stay legit, I’ve gotta stay deep in the game. The day I quit gaming is the day Red Pill Game… [Read More]