How To Survive A Brush With Death

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When I was 27 I was moshing at a concert in Austin. I got hit. Not a fight. Just a random body check. I don’t recall the moment of impact – didn’t even see who hit me. A day later I felt terrible pain in my belly…

Approach Excitement & Six Foot Black Girls

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The “anxiety” that I felt before approaching this girl wasn’t really anxiety. It was excitement. And I think for many men, it’s the same. We misinterpret our physical reaction. Trick ourselves into thinking it’s fear or nerves…

Game Peaks & Valleys


Clearly I enjoy writing about women I bang. It’s not just narcissism. Lay reports are useful study guides. A way to help other men on their journey. But honesty is important – no man gets every girl he tries to seduce.

The 7 Laws Of Seduction


Troy Francis is an Englishman who runs a London-based game blog and writes over at Return of Kings. Troy was kind enough to provide a copy of his newest eBook, The 7 Laws Of Seduction – How To Attract Beautiful Woman & Enjoy A Supercharged Sex Life.

How I Lost My Virginity

To See the World by Ashley Sturgis

Wendy was a pretty 13-year-old California brunette who’d already exploded past puberty. The product of a broken home, she was insecure and eager to please. We were 8th grade classmates and neighbors, our families lived in the same solidly middle-class NorCal suburb.

The Expanded Guide To Self-Publishing An eBook

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Kid Strangelove emailed me recently with questions about eBook publishing. My first eBook has been successful, so I’m qualified to answer this question. Let’s get started – the expanded guide to self-publishing your first eBook…

Banging A 20-Year-Old Blonde On The 2nd Date

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She got down off her ride and seemed to glide towards me through the yellow sodium street light glare. Not in college – but she looked like a perfect American sorority girl. Tall – right at my height in her heels. Long platinum hair glowing almost white…