Can You Get Sex With Skype?

girl uses skype

Although phone game is a dying art, it’s not dead yet. Phone conversations are still useful before first dates. They’re especially helpful for girls you’ve met on the internet – a smooth way to transition from online to IRL. Chatting on the phone warms her up, makes her comfortable. Thus increasing your chances of getting the quick bang…

How To Date Girls At The Office

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It’s generally not a good idea to bang girls at work. Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. Or so they say. If you actually care about your professional career, that’s sound advice. No reason to mix business with pleasure. But that doesn’t apply to every man. What if you don’t care about your corporate job?

Make Her Crave Your Texts

cutie texting

The whole concept of text game is still kinda odd to me. That’s because it didn’t exist when I grew up. We didn’t have cell phones. Phone game was a thing back then, since parents had landlines. In those days, I’d actually talk to girls I liked. Sometimes, for hours at a time! But now, phone game is a dying art. Real conversations are rare. Text game reigns supreme…

Always Have A Bottom Bitch

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The term “bottom bitch” is borrowed from the pimping world. But for our purposes? The bottom bitch is a girl who’s completely loyal to you. Sexually and emotionally. She can be the core of your harem, but she can also stand alone…

Banging My 20-Year-Old Stripper Roommate


Last year I let a teenage stripper move into my spare bedroom. Remember how that turned out? After that craziness I swore off roommates. But this year I decided to try again. Worst case scenario? I’d make some extra cash, get laid, maybe score some blog fodder…

How To Choke Her With Your Belt During Sex

belt choking sex

Are you in a relationship with too much making love, and not enough rough sex? Prepare for problems. That point was driven home by an email I got from a female reader. She complained that her man was too soft on her when they had sex. She was craving hard fucking…

Review Of Red Pill Dominance By Jeremy Sploosh

red pill dominance jeremy sploosh

So I knew Jeremy Sploosh was writing his first book. He’d dropped hints on Twitter, and even favorited my recent post on self-publishing an eBook. But when his debut dropped a few weeks ago, I was taken aback. Red Pill Dominance? Why, that’s almost like my first book!

How To Build A Convict’s Body


Convict Conditioning was written by an ex-con named Paul Wade – a man who spent years serving time in various California penal institutions. Paul entered prison a physical weakling. But the prison yard gym was off limits due to his lowly “new fish” status. He had no intention of becoming a victim, he had to keep the wolves at bay…

Banging A 21-Year-Old Latina Stripper On The 1st Date


I found Sofia on OKCupid one evening a few weeks ago. Got her number quickly and texted her right away. She lived in the student ghetto on the east side of town. It was just a ten minute drive from my house. So I didn’t mind. She was waiting outside her apartment, in the dark, when I arrived…

How To Date Women Half Your Age


When I was younger, I usually slept with girls my age. Or sometimes, even older. Sure, I messed around with a few younger than me. But that wasn’t the norm. Back then, I guess I felt it was wrong to bang younger girls. You know? Like I’d unconsciously accepted blue-pill conditioning…

Is Online Dating For Pussies?


Some men dislike online game, for different reasons. But I’ve heard three main arguments against it. Let’s address the haters. 1) Online dating is for pussies. Yes, it takes balls to cold approach. And it takes no courage to send an OKCupid email. No denying that…

Introverted Men Must Forge Emotional Armor

war machine

I find introversion fascinating. The more I learn about it, the better I understand myself. And that understanding helps tighten my game. One thing I’ve learned? Introverted men are more vulnerable to emotional damage when important relationships end…