What Should You Do When She Flakes On You?

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Female flaking is epidemic these days. And it’s getting worse. I’m not immune – I get flaked on all the time. Stood up. Nexted. Rejected. But there are different levels of flaking. For example, you’ve got the basic female flake. Like when you get a number from an OKCupid girl. She agrees to a date, but then bails, and you never hear from her again…

Every Player Should Have His Heart Broken

broken hearted man

Heartbreak is one of the hardest things a man can go through in life. Losing a woman you love can feel like death. The pain, helplessness, and anger are tough to handle. Especially since masculine men should suffer in silence…

How To Get Your Cost Per Orgasm Down To Zero

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There was an article posted at Return of Kings a while back. It was called How Much Is Your Cost Per Orgasm? The post is spot on, but I felt mildly jealous when I read it. Mostly because I had all the information needed to write a similar one, but didn’t. Anyway, I dropped my own “me too” comment on that post instead. Then I left it at that. But after mulling it over, I realized my ROK comment was wrong…

How To Tell Her You Banged Another Girl

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I’ve taken a strong stance against lying to women in long-term relationships. And I stand by that. Lying to women to keep them around is a beta bitch move. But I know honesty is often easier in theory. Telling the truth complicates things. Sometimes lying is the path of least resistance. But in relationships, lies will almost always blow up in your face.

Serial Monogamy Is Introvert Kryptonite

superman  hates kryptonite

Are you a quiet man who craves emotional connection with women? Do you find yourself gravitating towards the perceived “safety” of long-term monogamous relationships? You may be a serial monogamist. Here’s why introverted men must avoid this style of relationship…

Becoming Immune To Female Tears

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As your game improves, you’ll naturally become more masculine. Meaning you’ll attract more feminine women. And that’s a good thing. Feminine girls are better than their tomboy sisters. They’re usually more petite, girly, sweet, and loving. But there’s a downside to dating ultra-feminine women…

Learn To Be A Lion Among Sheep

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Habits make or break men. So it’s obviously important to learn good ones, if you wanna win at the game of life. But which ones are best? For some guys, that’s easy. But for others, the answer isn’t clear. If only there were some sort of guide…

Never Confide In Her

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Today I’ll discuss a powerful way to instantly improve your relationships with women. This tip is simple, easy to learn, and will come naturally to most men. But it’s a game pillar – a fundamental way to strengthen hand within your relationships….

How Bodyweight Training Wrecked My Shower

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I was cleaning the shower the other day, the one in my guest bathroom. It’s a combo shower with bathtub, rod, and twin curtains. Squatting down in the tub, water cascading down over my naked body. I’d thoroughly coated the clear plastic interior curtain with Scrubbing Bubbles. Now, I was using elbow grease to get the soap scum off with a blue non-scratch sponge…

How To Walk Out On A First Date

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Most game advice focuses on approach, frame control, confidence, and amused mastery. But game is also knowing when to cut your losses. Sometimes that means ending first dates early. It’s also known as a hard next; walking out on a girl you don’t like, and never seeing her again…

10 Tips For Gaming Girls You’ve Banged Once, But Not Twice

Sometimes there are game grey areas. When a man must experiment before learning what works best for him. One major personal grey area? Right after I’ve have sex with a new girl for the first time. But before I’ve banged her for the second time. This stage of the seduction process is short, but critical…

Get Laid With The Tinder Template

the tinder template

I tried Tinder out last year, but didn’t care for it. I struggled, got annoyed, and deleted the app after just a few days. And since then I’ve avoided it completely. OKCupid was working just fine, and so I stuck with that for online dating. Then Masculine Profiles recently asked me to review his new book, The Tinder Template…