Rest In Peace My Friend

ari the cat eulogy

When my sister brought you home from the pound I was angry. She hadn’t asked permission. So I was real close to making her take you back. But then I held you for the first time. You were a tiny orange fur-ball and fit perfectly into the palm of my hand. And that was it… [Read More]

20 Badass Fiction Books Every Man Should Read

Portrait of a handsome muscular ancient warrior with a sword.

My reading habit started back when I was a kid. See in those days my parents didn’t have a television. Sure they could afford it. They just chose to go without. The internet didn’t exist yet. And video games were still in infancy. Which meant I had two main choices: Play outside with my friends… [Read More]

Is The Red Pill A Philosophy Of Hate?

Love pills

I usually avoid acknowledging blue pillers who hate the red pill (TRP). Debating fools is a waste of energy – they’re mostly best ignored. But “red pill” IS part of my brand name. As well as the philosophy I’ve chosen to live by. So today I’ll be drawing sword, donning armor, and doing some white… [Read More]

How To Feed Your Girlfriend The Red Pill

Alice in wonderland

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. My girlfriend was on her laptop, lounging on the couch at my place. She was talking about a dating blog she’d found – she knew the author. So I looked at it. Garbage. Typical retrograde blue pill advice. My writer’s pride got the best of me. I just couldn’t… [Read More]

How To Build Your First Harem

van bree harem

harem (noun): a group of women associated with one man – Merriam-Webster Building your very first harem seems like a hard task. A harem is so out there, so different from familiar traditional monogamy, that it’s almost like a fantasy. But modern harems are real. And for introverted men like me, harems are an ideal… [Read More]

How To Verbally Dominate Your Woman

Gorilla Head BW

When you get into game and take the red pill, certain truths are hard to swallow. One of the most bitter? Realizing that many women respond well to rough, even poor, treatment. Wait, what? Treat her like shit, and she’ll love me more? What the hell? For a nice guy, this is difficult. It’s the… [Read More]

What To Do When You Can’t Get It Up

girl holding limp cucumber

You did it. You got her number. Kept your game tight. Went on the first and second date. Seduced her properly. And now you’re finally back at your house. Alone in your bedroom. She’s splayed out naked, submitting herself. Pussy dripping wet, legs spread, hips gyrating, clutching at you… She’s ready. And your dick is… [Read More]

Where Should You Sit On Your Next First Date?

girl on red couch

When you’re getting into the dating game, first and second dates are overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into each one! Of course, you’ve gotta convince a girl to meet you. Then you must pick a venue. Find the right clothes. Shower, groom, and dress. Travel to, and from, the date spot. Time your entrance… [Read More]

How To Use Body Language Game On Your Next First Date

Emotional portrait

As of this writing, I’ve been on almost one hundred first dates. So, I’ve been able to analyze my first date game. Broken it down. Figured out what works, and what doesn’t. And I’ve learned that on first dates, speech matters a lot. That’s no revelation. Knowing what to say, how to say it, speaking… [Read More]

Introvert Game: Wearing The Extrovert Skin

A statue of powerful Hercules, closeup, Rome, Italy

In some ways, introverted men are better at game. For example, many quiet guys are good at relationship game – adept at dealing with women they’ve already slept with. Introverts are able to make strong emotional connections, so they’re skilled at harem management, plate-spinning, or even traditional monogamous relationships. But in other areas, introverts under-perform… [Read More]

What Should You Do When She Flakes On You?

sleeping woman

Female flaking is epidemic these days. And it’s getting worse. I’m not immune – I get flaked on all the time. Stood up. Nexted. Rejected. But there are different levels of flaking. For example, you’ve got the basic female flake. Like when you get a number from an OKCupid girl. She agrees to a date,… [Read More]