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10 Reasons Why You Should Climb A Mountain

These days, opportunities for adventure and conquest are rare. That’s unfortunate, because masculine men naturally crave exploration. For us, the call of the wild is undeniable. But, let’s be realistic. Most guys aren’t gonna sell their stuff and live in the wilderness like filthy savages. A modern man can still test himself against nature’s wrath…

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How To Stalk, Bang, & Lose Your Local Bartender

I recently went on an OKCupid first date with a tall, pretty redhead from California. Sexy girl, but cold and haughty. Zero chemistry. During our floundering date, I noticed someone else. Our bartender. A tiny blue-eyed girl with fair skin, her long blonde hair tied up in a bun. Later I learned she was 30 years old. She was so petite she looked much younger…

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